"If your patients ask you about cannabis - this course will be invaluable!" M. Toombs, RN, CEO O Cannabis Clinic

  • 5-7 hours

    Laser focused content specifically designed to give you the tools you need to implement the learnings in your practice right away.

  • Online & On Demand

    The content has been pre-created for you so you can go through the course on your timeline.

  • Real-Time Support

    If questions come up at any point during or after the course, our team is standing by for on demand consults.

In This Course, You Will Learn:

  • The most common misperceptions patients have about cannabis - and what the facts are.

  • Potential and definite contraindications for cannabis use to ensure patient safety.

  • The endocannabinoid system and what cannabinoids are used for what type of symptom relief.

  • Potential side effects, risks vs. benefits and potential drug interactions.

  • Evidence based dosing schedules and how to help your patients find their therapeutic dose on this "self-titrated" medicine.

  • How to help your patients navigate the system to ensure safe and legal access.

  • Receive PRINTABLE TOOLS to use with your patients to ensure it's easy for you to bridge theory and practice.

  • Receive your Cannabis Competent Nurse/PSW/Doctor (depending on your discipline) certificate of completion

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to The Cannabis Competent Nurse

    • [START HERE] Welcome Video

    • [IMPORTANT but OPTIONAL] How to Navigate the Course

    • [OPTIONAL] Bonus Information

  • 2

    Module 1: Cannabis Misconceptions

    • [PRINT] Module 1 Worksheet

    • Module 1 Introduction Video

    • Chapter 1: Key Cannabis Terms & Concepts

    • Module 1, Chapter 1: Test Your Knowledge

    • Chapter 2: Cannabis History & Legal Framework

    • Module 1, Chapter 2: Test Your Knowledge

    • Chapter 3: Legal Cannabis - What You Need To Know

    • Module 1, Chapter 3: Test Your Knowledge

    • Chapter 4: Illegal/Unregulated Cannabis - What You Need To Know

    • Module 1, Chapter 4: Test Your Knowledge

    • What was your biggest "AH-HA!" of this module?

    • [OPTIONAL] References

  • 3

    Module 2: CannaYes or CannaNo: Eligibility and Exclusion Criteria

    • [PRINT] Module 2 Worksheet

    • Module 2: Introduction Video

    • Module 2: Further Reading & References

    • Module 2: Test your knowledge

  • 4

    Module 3: Cannabinoids 101

    • [PRINT] Module 3 Worksheets

    • Chapter 1: Endocannabinoid System

    • Module 3, Chapter 1: Test your knowledge

    • Chapter 2: Pharmacology of Cannabinoids

    • Module 3, Chapter 2: Test your knowledge

    • Chapter 3: Delivery Methods

    • Module 3, Chapter 3: Test Your Knowledge

    • Chapter 4: Dosing Best Practices

    • Module 3, Chapter 4: Test Your Knowledge

    • [OPTIONAL] References

  • 5

    Module 4: Supporting Your Patient

    • [PRINT] Module 4 Worksheet & Tool Kit

    • Module 4 Video (1/2)

    • [OPTIONAL] Further Reading (Misconceptions) & References

    • Module 4 (1): Test Your Knowledge: Misconceptions

    • Module 4 Video (2/2)

    • Supporting Patients: Symptom Specific Information & References

    • Module 4 (2/2): Test Your Knowledge: Toolkit Specific Questions

  • 6

    Module 5: The Role of Nurse

    • [PRINT] Case Studies + Process Map

    • Module 5 - Introduction Video

    • [answer] Case Study # 1

    • [answer] Case Study # 2

    • [answer] Case Study # 3

    • [answer] Case Study # 4

    • [answer] Case Study # 5

    • [answer] Case Study # 6

    • [answer] Case Study # 7

    • [answer] Case Study # 8

  • 7

    Course Wrap Up & Next Steps

    • Course Completion Video

    • Last steps....

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"If you have patients asking you about cannabis, this course will be invaluable."

Morgan Toombs, RN, CEO of O Cannabis Clinic

What People Are Saying...

Perfect For Nurses In Any Practice Setting

Donna M. Hinschberger, BScN, RN, iRNPA

My RN colleagues in hospitals and in the community consistently express frustration that there are not effective and affordable cannabis training programs for Nurses. They desperately want to be able to advocate for their clients and patients by speaking intelligently and factually about cannabis, specifically about dosing and benefits that are evidence-based. This educational opportunity, "The Cannabis Competent Nurse" is perfect for any Nurse regardless of their current practice setting and will allow Nurses to feel both more confident and competent when educating patients, other health- care team members, and Physicians about cannabis.

Accessible & Fairly Priced

Susan Hagar, RN & President of Nurse on Board

The nurses that work for me have expressed their interest in learning about cannabis to better support their patients. Before the Cannabis Competent Nurse, I’ve hesitated to recommend courses for 2 reasons: most courses are not written for nurses, so my nurses would have to sift and sort through the content to find what's relevant for them, and the price tags for most courses are really high ( $500+)! I like that the Cannabis Competent Nurse is priced fairly so any nurse who works with patients can become competent in short order. I also like that this course has support for my nurses after they are done for when questions come up in practice - they've got help at their fingertips.

Personal & Professional Guidance

Sheila O’Reilly, RN

I am a registered nurse with 35 years of experience, and in the last few years I have found it challenging to support cannabis use among my patients. The information I’ve accessed is not easily understood or appropriate for my role. Fortunately the elderly are keen to try it but unfortunately my gaps in knowledge make me reluctant to discuss it . Same is true with my paediatric patients struggling with epilepsy. I suffer from Pulsatile Tinnitus and have tried cannabis oil but I truly need more guidance than my family doctor can offer. The benefits were notable and the side effects were few, but I lack confidence to get the most out of it. I would like to support cannabis use through my nursing practice and I could certainly benefit from cannabis education that will guide me personally and professionally.

Current Reliable Information for Nurses

Stephanie Whyte, RN

In the perpetually evolving field of medicine and especially when seeking information on relatively new treatment options, as a nurse in independent practice it is essential that available courses and resources provide current , reliable information, that can be accessed quickly and clarified as needed. In the case of The Cannabis Competent Nurse, course material is written specifically with nurses in mind and applies to the use of cannabis in everyday practice. Without an overload of often confusing and contradictory recommendations, this program allows nurses to gain an understanding of the growing applications for medical cannabis, with examples and support for using it in the management of a variety of common conditions, situations and age groups.

I Want To Be Part Of The Solution

Marian Meade, BScN, RN

I had no exposure to medical cannabis until two clients started it a few years ago for pain and anxiety. I was amazed at the significant benefits. I’ve had no involvement in their cannabis because I know very little about it. I will have other clients taking cannabis so it's important for me and my clients that I gain a general understanding of thc and cbd, how dosing is determined, the difference in strains, side effects to look for, interactions with other medications, and more. My understanding is that people often quit for the wrong reasons and I’d like to part of the solution for this as cannabis can be a great alternative to opioids and anti-anxiety medication. Ideally, I will become knowledgeable and confident, and be a reliable source of information for my clients.



    This online course takes 5-7 hours to complete for most learners.


    The tuition for this professional development course is $197. This course will offer a receipt so you can write the cost off on your taxes and/or be reimbursed by your professional organization.


    That's a great question! We want every healthcare provider who is in front of patients (and who wants to become cannabis competent!) to have access to the course content. However, due to Covid-19, not everyone can afford the tuition, which is why we are offering a "pay what you can" solution: to help reduce any financial barriers to accessing the course. We hope that people who can afford to pay the full price WILL - to offset those who can't.


    No. This course was designed by nurses for healthcare providers that work in direct patient care scenarios like nursing (PSW, naturopathy, medical doctor, etc.). A base level of medical jargon is required to understand some of the concepts. Do know that this course is based on research and science but does NOT provide nursing credentials -- simply professional education and a certificate of completion to indicate an increase in competence. IF you are NOT a nurse but are choosing to take this course, please indicate what discipline you are a member of so that we can ensure those credentials are reflected on the certificate of completion we will mail you.


    The Cannabis Competent Nurse course is delivered using online learning technology. It is 100% virtual and on-demand. That means that you can consume the content at your own pace. Many students like to complete the course in an afternoon or two.


    ​Upon successful completion of the course, you will get a Cannabis Competent Nurse certificate of completion that will be mailed to you so you can display in your office and/or attached to your CV. IF you are NOT a nurse, please indicate your discipline so we can ensure your correct credentials are logged on the certificate of completion.


    No. Sharing your login information is prohibited. ​


    Yes, this course is compatible with any smart device (tablet, iPad, smart phone), as well as all laptops and computers (PC and Mac). It is recommended that you use CHROME browser when using this learning platform.


    The phone number and email address for the CanEdEm Hotline will be provided to you upon your commencement of the course. WHY DID WE CREATE THE CANEDEM HOTLINE? This course was created by nurses for nurses. We understand the peace of mind that is provided when someone is available to receive a call and answer your questions. This course doesn't expect you to be an expert in the cannabis sector but it does give you the competence and confidence to discuss cannabis with your patients. If you don't know the answer to something, just give us a call! We're here to help.

Pay What You Can

Select the option that you can afford.